Conference: How AI transforms the modern workplace environment? Pros and Cons
8 pm Egypt | 6 pm UTC
November 18, 2022
For whom the conference is
Head of Med & Pharma companies
Get practical skills in the integration of AI in the working environment to raise the productivity of the company
Practicing doctors
Increase the chances for career development by competing with advanced technologies
Adjust the workplace environment in medicine using new technologies and approaches
What is the content
  • How to integrate AI in a modern workplace environment?
    You will understand what new opportunities are available via the integration of AI in the workplace
  • How to increase the productivity of medical companies via AI
    You will gain practical knowledge which helps to raise the effectiveness of your team via the integration of AI in the workplace
  • What are the possible risks of AI in a medical working environment?
    You will know how to prevent possible risks of AI integration in the working environment
  • Useful materials from Medtop Award
    You will get unique checklists and tools to increase your marketing and PR right after the webinar
The conference host
Dr. Mahmoud Mansi – is a Medtop Awards Judge, one of the leaders in the HR industry with a passion for innovation in consulting, creating revolutionizing ideas in business, and managing people. One of the examples is his work in designing innovative corporate training programs.

Besides, Mahmoud is an experienced public speaker, demonstrating his outstanding skills through 8-TedX speeches and writing materials as the author of 5 books in philosophy and sociology.

Mahmoud combines Intellectual Capital Consultations, training & MBA lecturing, and HR journalism to help healthcare players drive business toward innovation and increase work productivity.

What you will receive after the webinar?
We will send you the video record of this webinar and the materials demonstrated during the session.
November 18, 2022 | 8 pm Egypt | 6 pm UTC
Register for the webinar, and we will send you the link to the conference and unique research on the trends in medicine.
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