Bioelectronic tendencies
How does it work?
It is mandatory for people with a high risk of medical complications or people with an acute allergic reaction to have a medical card with them to provide more detailed information in case of an emergency ambulance.
But, after all, we are people. Patients may forget the card, lose it, or even damage it, for instance by pouring. coffee. It is possible that a person lost consciousness when he went out, for example, for groceries. Caring out a stack of papers is not a convenient option.

Bioelectronic tendencies

Wearable devices have evolved to the point where a tattoo as thick as human hair can replace entire medical records. The technology itself is based on the principle of operation of electronic chips. This is not just a code showing medical data, but a full-fledged device that collects medical data automatically and stores it in itself. The data collection patch is bendable and therefore does not provide discomfort to the person.

How to solve the problem?
Any technology that uses communication has the potential to be attacked by hackers. Of course, clients may fear that their medical data could be stolen by hackers. However, this problem may be solved by granting representative rights to a nurse or family doctor who consents to the extraction of your data if necessary and it is impossible to extract the data without their consent. For example, it is possible by signing smart contracts via Cybersecurity Mesh.
You can read more about Cybersecurity Mech in our article.
If you program or produce teleheatlh\telemedicine technologies, you can apply for the Medtop: Tech Award or Medtop: Clinic Award.
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