Medtop:Event Award
an award for the events in the field of healthcare that have demonstrated an outstanding approach to creating effective event formats
The application is open till December 31, 2022. The application is open till December 31, 2022.
The application is open till December 31, 2022. The application is open till December 31, 2022.
The application is open till December 31, 2022. The application is open till December 31, 2022.
The application is open till December 31, 2022. The application is open till December 31, 2022.
An award for healthcare offline or online events that brought innovations to the formats, integrated a combination of approaches or developed new solutions to old issues using the expert hub gathered at the event
Who can participate

nominees who consider themselves suitable for any criteria, as well as partners who participated in the event and want to highlight the quality of the organization
How to participate

apply by selecting up to five categories of participation and the region of competition
Who is the jury panel

the panel consists of doctors, scientists, heads of medical organizations around the world specific to the region and our team for validation of the results
What is the result

the event receives the title Medtop:Event Award and a descriptor corresponding to its category and region of participation, and the digital tools tell clients and partners about its success

Learn about benefits

that your company receives as a Medtop winner

of your contribution and the contribution of your team to the development of medicine around the world
by telling the world about the uniqueness of your products with the help of marketing tools available to the winners
of a high-quality sign that sets you apart from the competition
PR opportunities
by telling the world about our winners online and offline in all available languages where we are present
Visual communication
Use the Medtop visual label in your communication purposes
Use the recognizable label on various sites, from the company's website and printed catalogs, to a physical sticker on medical equipment with a personal identification number and a QR code leading to the landing page of your equipment on the Medtop portal
On your website
show the potential visitors that your innovative approach was accredited by international healthcare community
In printed materials
add the recognizable sign of superiority to your proposals, invitations or any other traditional communications
At the events
place the label next to your visual communications in order to maintain a high level at the event by validated community

Get a certificate and the record in blockchain

each winning product gets a record as a Medtop non fungible token with unique nominee information in description stored in blockchain and available via scanning the QR-code on the winner’s certificate
Get a statuette
metal statuette that may be placed in a hall, reception or the event itself in order to increase level of credibility by visitors
Event's landing
get a shareable event webpage where visitors may find all the information about quality validation of a winner
Participate in exhibitions
every year Medtop presents its winners as an exposition at the world's leading exhibitions, with a total attendance of more than 100,000 people
Tools for enhancing your PR
every Medtop Winner gets profit using all of the PR opportunities with our digital tools
Distribution of press releases
After the winners' list is published, Medtop sends out a press release to partner online and offline publications
Interview with top management
We will post a short interview with the top management of your company, in which they will be able to share what has become a success factor in obtaining the recognition of experts
Templated text-samples
You will receive ready-made text templates for mailing to your partners and posting on your resources
You will receive a dynamic demo video in infographic format about the winning equipment, which you can send to customers and partners along with information about the victory
Unique landing page
You will receive a modern landing page, which will contain information and characteristics about the winning equipment
Meet the Judges
the list is periodically updated and all of the juries will be published a month before the event
Gurkaran Singh Samra
Clinical Informatics Lead - Systems Development and Business Intelligence | Consultant at Acute Medicine
England, United Kingdom
Chandni Khanderia
Hospital Pharmacist | Project Manager at Tendable
England, United Kingdom
Andrew Stevenson
Chairman at the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA)
England, United Kingdom
Intellectual Capital Consultant | 8-Time TEDxSpeaker | 18 HR Certifications | Award-Winning Author & HR Journalist | Trainer & MBA Lecturer | CSR Activist
Alan Sheppard
Experienced Principal with a demonstrated history of working in the health care industry. Strong professional skills in Pharmaceuticals, Market Analysis, Strategy, Acquisitions, Biotechnology, Management, and the Pharmaceutical Industry
England, United Kingdom
Artyom Borissov
Lead DevOps Engineer at Kindda, Singapore | 10 years of experience in cloud infrastracture | Certified expert in Kubernetes, AWS and Microsoft Azure solutions
Imran Ahmad
Awarded HR Leader & strategic Thinker | Certified Performance Coach | Transformation Specialist | International Speaker 
United Arab Amirates
Haniff Abdullah
President at International Association for Disaster Mental Health | Psychiatry | Organizational & Disaster Mental Health | Digital Health | Crisis & Negotiation | Partnership | Speaker
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I want to become a Medtop:Event
Fill in the form below and our managers will get in contact with you within 24 hours
How to nominate?
  • Fill in the online form and follow the guidelines
  • Select the category of participation
  • Provide details, a short write-up, key achievements, and other supporting documents about your nomination
  • Wait for the nomination confirmation email and acknowledge it once received

Please note:

  • Companies may submit up to five entries
  • Each nomination form is valid only for one entry
  • Supporting documents are optional but will highly increase the chances of winning
  • Participation is paid according to the schedule
  • If your nomination wins, you have the right to use a winner's status in your communications, and as an additional option, to book a winner's package if you want to enhance it with the additional marketing tools. Please find more information on the winner package options - in this section of our website
What are the nominations?
This year's award consists of nominations like:
  • The Breakthrough event of the Year
  • The most innovative approach
  • The best panel
  • Contribution to a healthcare industry
  • The most memorable report
  • Effective use of new technologies
  • Attendance champion
  • Duration champion
  • Organization Excellence
  • The best marketing campaign
  • The greatest attention to details
  • Outstanding opportunities for attendees with special needs
  • The best media coverage
  • The effective use of a wide range of information medium
  • The most reliable event
  • Exceptional expertise of speakers
  • The highest visitors promoter score
  • The best highly-specialized event
  • The gracious visitor support
  • The best supportive materials

What can be nominated?

You may nominate successful initiatives that brought a positive impact to your operations, patient care, or the overall healthcare industry. These can be new or sustainable products, services, or campaigns launched:

  • in part or full, over the last 24 calendar months
  • before 24 calendar months of the current nomination period that had any recent improvements

Check the list categories and see what is the most suitable for your achievements!

How many winners per category?

  • There will be only one winner per category in each country
Who are the juries?
The expert jury court exists of industry experts and professionals in different areas of the business to make decisions clear, comprehensive, and unbiased
What are the benefits of your judging process?
The judging process is performed via "Medtop Spotlight" platform which is available for expert juries and eliminates prejudice by showing only the application form data without any names, titles, or brands. We strongly believe that this solution is the best decision to find and award outstanding performers without brand pressure

Can I nominate for more than 1 category type?

  • Yes, one company may apply up to 5 types of categories, is "Medtop: Tech", "Medtop: People", "Medtop: Pharma" and "Medtop: Event"
Are there any costs for participation?
The participation cost depends on the schedule:
  • Early bird (may 1 - june 15, 2022): 400 euros (VAT included) per entry
  • Standard (june 16 - november 30, 2022): 500 euros (VAT included) per entry
  • Latecomer (december 1 - december 31, 2022): 600 euros (VAT included) per entry
Additional costs to enhance the winner's status may be charged based on the options the winner will choose after. Look at the winner's options on additional marketing tools to enhance the status in this section of the website.

The entry fees may be paid online by VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, or PayPalPay. An invoice may be sent to your corporate email after accepting your participation

Will there be an awards event?

The Award evening event is planned to be held in May, 2023 in Berlin, Germany

Is it a mandatory to visit the event?
Our team will be happy if the nominee visits the event to expand its professional network and have the useful time participating in the activities, but this option is not mandatory
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